Alpha Industries x New Era ft. the MLB, NBA & NFL

Roll-out content and marketing assets of the FW22 & SS23 Alpha Industries x New Era Collaboration, featuring three of the major American sports leagues.
Content Creation, E-commerce, UI/UX

MLB Mid-Season 2023 - ‘Pick Your Team!’

A mid-season release to signal boost the New Era MLB collection. Inspired by vintage collectible baseball player cards, I’ve designed this suite of assets to create further engagement during primetime games.

‘Pick Your Team!’ Homepage Landing Page Desktop & Mobile
‘Pick Your Team!’ Instagram Feed Post
‘Pick Your Team!’ Newsletter Hero
‘Pick Your Team!’ SMS

NFL Season Opener 2023

This was made to promote the collaboration during the NFL 2023 Preseason. Visual inspired from football formation plays.
‘NFL Season Opener’ Homepage Landing Page Desktop & Mobile
‘NFL Season Opener’ Instagram Story Post
‘NFL Season Opener’ Instagram Feed Post
‘NFL Season Opener’ Newsletter Hero 
‘NFL Season Opener’ SMS 

MLB Season Opener 2023

This was made for the opening day of the 2023 MLB Season. The idea behind the design was to celebrate a new season and the several games scheduled for the day. Pinstripes are an iconic design typically associated with baseball uniforms and a stamp motifs inspired by New Era’s iconic holographic sticker.
‘MLB Opening Day’ Instagram Story Post
‘MLB Opening Day’ Instagram Feed Post
‘MLB Opening Day’ Newsletter Hero 
‘MLB Opening Day’ SMS

MLB L-2B Flight Jackets

Alpha Industries, as an apparel brand, has had its impact on the streetwear scene for years with iconic bomber jackets. With the excitement around the New Era collection. This set of assets were made to present the assortment of new MLB Team Bomber Jackets.

‘MLB L-2B Flight Jackets’ Homepage Landing Page Desktop & Mobile
‘MLB L-2B Flight Jackets’ Instagram Story Post
‘MLB L-2B Flight Jackets’ Instagram Feed Post
‘MLB L-2B Flight Jackets’ Newsletter Hero
‘MLB L-2B Flight Jackets’ SMS